Rock ‘N’ Rum

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Esprit de Krewe Rock ‘N’ Rum


Distilled from 100% Florida Cane Molasses and treated with oak, this well-balanced and full-bodied liqueur is lightly sweetened with genuine rock candy. Contrary to popular belief, rum itself is not traditionally a “sweet” spirit, so we created Esprit de Krewe Rock ‘N’ Rum to satisfy your sweet tooth without being syrupy or overpowering.

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Subtly sweet

With flavors of the Carribbean

Delicious, potent, and just sweet enough, Esprit de Krewe Rock ‘N’ Rum is a call back to the rock candy-infused ryes of the 19th century. Perfect over the rocks or mixed in your favorite cocktail, enjoy this rum after dinner or as a rewarding treat.

Rock ‘N’ Rum is ready to rock your world, stimulate your taste buds and enhance your spirit collection.

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