Crystal Rum

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Esprit de Krewe Crystal Rum


Distilled from 100% Florida Cane Molasses and matured for two and a half years before bottling at 80 proof, Rollins Distillery Crystal Rum is smooth and delicious. Subtly sweet with a haunting fruity finish, this versatile rum is ready to elevate your cocktail!

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NO chill filtering, NO additions

Beautiful in a mojito

From the very first pour, Rollins Distillery Esprit de Krewe™ Crystal Rum tickles the nose with notes of molasses, stone fruit , black berries, and just a hint of pear.

Our latest edition to the Esprit de Krewe line, our first batch of Crystal Rum was distilled in 2018 before undergoing a 2-year resting process. Since then, it’s become a Florida Panhandle favorite.

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