Cane Vodka

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Esprit de Krewe Cane Vodka


Uniquely distilled from 100% Florida cane molasses, this spirit is blessed with the je ne sais quoi only cane vodka can impart. Our Esprit de Krewe Cane Vodka shines beautifully whether you decide to enjoy it in your favorite cocktail, on the rocks, or even straight up for the purists. Delicious and gluten-free, Esprit de Krewe Cane Vodka is a must-have for any serious vodka lover.

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A True Florida Native

Distilled from 100% Florida cane molasses.

Handcrafted in small batches from original distillation, our cane vodka is made from scratch right here in Gulf Breeze, Florida. We don’t purchase neutral spirits from a mass producer and slap our label on it — when we say “hand-made,” we mean it.

Our process starts with 100% Florida cane molasses and ends with our award-winning Esprit de Krewe Cane Vodka.

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